Soil Sampling Services

Whether you’re faced with a forensic investigation, structural foundation problems, expansive clay soil problems, collapsing soils, load bearing capacity and settlement studies or environmental sampling, GeoTest has the solution. Our technology provides timely support for forensic and design engineers and allows you to incorporate a geotechnical analysis based on samples taken from inside or outside structures, directly from the specific project area.
GeoTest makes easy work of your sample needs with the following:

  • Continuous Direct Push Samples
  • Optional Anchoring to Foundation or Ground
  • Produces Undisturbed Samples
  • Ensures Consistent Data
    — Job After Job
  • Samples Gathered in Optional Sealed Liners
  • Samples Directly Over and Into The Specific Project Area
  • Provides Interior or Exterior Sampling

Forensic Engineering Construction Services

  • U.S.G.S. Driven
    Benchmark Monuments
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Water Leak Investigations
  • Evaluation Surveys
  • New Construction
    Support Piers
  • Limited Access Excavations
  • New Construction Foundation Design Sampling
  • Concrete/Asphalt Coring